Getting started
  • 03 Jan 2024
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Getting started

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Article Summary

Composer is currently only available for registered customers. If you are interested in evaluating Composer, please contact Realsprint,

Find more information at and


As a registered customer or evaluator, Realsprint has provided you with download links to the software. The download link is available either in the support portal, the EULA, or has been shared otherwise .


Follow the installation instructions in the Installation and License chapter.
Unless a valid license is installed, Composer will run in Trial mode, which includes a watermark.

Definition, Projects, and Media management

A few basic terminologies and how to work with projects and media.

Media Management

User Interface

The User interface is introduced in this documentation or by viewing the video tutorial.

Desktop vs. Runtime version

The runtime version is designed for playback of predesigned Composer projects. For creating Composer projects, the desktop version should be used. Most of the online Guide is referring to the Desktop version. Read more about getting started with the runtime version.

Video tutorials

Video tutorials are often a very quick way of understanding a product. A few basic tutorials on Composer can be found here.


Guides and demo projects can be found here


If you need support, please file a ticket in the support portal.


To get the most out of Composer, read the articles "Tuning for Maximum Performance" and "Performance and Optimization

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