• 08 Nov 2023
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All setups in  Composer, including all used inputs, operators, targets, connectors, and runtime options, are called a project. A project does not include media by itself but uses external references to any media file.

When launching  Composer, the last used project file is loaded (assuming the setting Load last project file on launch is activated). The name of the open project is shown in the Runtime & Performance tab.

Projects are by default, stored in the Projects subfolder of the application root folder, but you can save a project to any location by using the Save As function. We recommend saving projects (.prj) in the Projects folder. 

A project can be copied to other instances of Composer. However, any media file (and the location of the file) must be copied as well. Just copying the project file won't include any media file.

Using the function Consolidate Media might be useful when transferring projects (and required files) from one instance to another.

The project file is a human-readable XML file that can be opened and edited in an external text editor such as Notepad++.

Saving a project

To save a project, use the application File menu and the Save function.
To save a project with a new name, use the Save As function.

Backup of project

If a “Backup directory” is specified in the Settings, a backup of the “projectname.prj” will be automatically saved in a folder labeled hostname in the backup directory path.
Example: saving the project file default.prj on the date of 2021-05-14 will create a backup file with the name 2021-05-14_default.prj.

If "Automatically create project backup" is enabled in the Settings, every 5 minutes there will be a backup saved of the current running project as projectname.bak in the same folder as the projectname.prj.

Default location (path)

The default location (path) is the Projects folder in the application root folder.
The location can be changed in Settings.

Exporting an encrypted project

Composer supports exporting encrypted project files. An encrypted project can only be opened if the encryption key found in Settings matches the encryption key used when exporting the project.

The content of an encrypted project file is not human-readable and cannot be edited outside Composer.

To export an encrypted project, use the application file menu and select Export Encrypted Project As...
Exported projects have the file extension prjp.

Importing an encrypted project

To import (open) an encrypted project into Composer, ensure the encryption key configuration in Settings matches the encryption key in the protected project.
If the encryption keys mismatch, the import will fail.
To import an encrypted project, use the application file menu and select Import encrypted project.

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