Features and use cases
  • 24 Jan 2023
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Features and use cases

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Article Summary

Composer is a multi-purpose software for live video compositing, effects, and encoding.

Composer is an integrated & cost-effective solution that replaces components typical in a video set up for live online productions. Composer combines a video mixer, an audio mixer, a GPU-based engine for real-time video effects, a keyer, filters, and a video encoder into a generic software application designed for 24/7 operations. 

Compositor provides secure, web-based APIs:s for easy back-end integration and event-driven visualizations, and the runtime version of Composer has been created for large-scale setups. Use the Live Editor to design your project on your workstation and push your setup to hundreds of customers using the highly efficient Linux runtime edition designed for cloud deployment.

The integrated Chroma Keyer and the flexibility of Composer support setups using multiple cameras and multiple brandings/outputs on a single server instance. Below is a couple of examples:

iGaming roots

With more than eleven years of experience in the iGaming vertical, our team is well aware of both the challenges and the opportunities within the market, as well as the high expectations from your players. Our software and professional services have been used and applied in many live casino game deployments. We are confident that Composer will make a significant impact on your ROI.

Composer is our new next-generation solution for cost-efficient setups, and the software features are based on our own experience and our customer expectations within the iGaming vertical. Composer is cheaper, faster, and more flexible than any competing solution.

Multi-game support

Use Composer for your Roulette, Baccarat, BlackJack, Game Show, or any other type of iGaming experience. Composer is a true workhorse for your physical or virtual studio setup.

  • Use Multi-camera setups
  • Use physical sets or go for full- or partial 4k Chroma Key setup
  • Improve your video quality
  • Add visual effects
  • Embed other video sources or live data feeds
  • Integrate external 3D engines such as Unity 3D
  • Use the API:s to create an event-driven visual experience controlled by your back-end services
  • Use our CDN services for high-quality video playback and low latency, outperforming WebRTC video quality
  • Skip SDI and HDMI - go for NDI instead

Use Cases

  • iGaming experiences - cost-efficient setups for all types of games
  • Multi-camera productions - built-in video switcher and color correction
  • Game shows - build complex scenes and setups with external content and multiple cameras.
  • Advanced chroma key setups
  • Camera Calibration - get the most of your camera and make sure camera performance is linear across your studio setup.
  • Data-driven video feeds - build scenes using external content, animations, and data.
  • Grading of live productions - Use the high-performance LUT engine to apply grading to your live events.

Live Editor

The built-in editor in Composer will provide your Product Owners and your graphics department with an efficient tool for instant feedback.

  • Live rendition of all layers, inputs, and assets
  • View all effects in real-time
  • Drag-&-drop of layers
  • Audio VU-meters
  • Transparency preview
  • Color picker
  • Multi-scene setups
  • Runtime & Performance Monitor
  • Create any number of projects
  • Automatic backup of projects

Chroma Keyer

  • Integrated high-speed Chroma Key
  • Green screen and Blue screen
  • HSV Keyer and Color Difference Keyer
  • Spill Suppression
  • Unmultiply support
  • Alpha coring filters
  • Black, Gamma, and white point adjustments of key channel
  • Garbage matte (additive/subtractive key, spill suppression mask)
  • Create any number of outputs (“brandings”)
  • Multi-camera chromakey setups
  • Use traditional chroma key backdrops, lightboxes, or light rings.

Image Enhancement Features

  • Sharpening filter
  • Color Curves
  • Automatic camera calibration
  • Hue/hue shift effect
  • Hue/luminance shift effect
  • Hue/saturation shift effect
  • Hue-Shift filter
  • Vibrance filter
  • Grading (LUT)
  • Built-in vectorscope and RGB-parade scope

Embed external data & graphics

Use external web pages to embed live graphics, scoreboards, animations, or any other kind of live data. Simply add a web page as a layer in Composer and manage it as any other kind of content.

Javascript support with two-way communication to Composer through API

  • Live rendering
  • Alpha channel support
  • Apply any effect

CDN Support

Composer is 100% compatible with Vindral Live CDN and any other CDN supporting RTMP(S). The built-in encoder is highly configurable and efficient and supports both CPU- and GPU-based encoding.

  • Tight integration with the Vindral Live CDN, including cue point support (metadata channel) for out-of-band metadata synchronized with the video stream.
  • Support for other CDN:s such as LimeLight, Akamai, and others.
  • Ingest RTMP(S) with speeds up to 50Mbit/s
  • Multi-bitrate ingest

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